The mind is a powerful tool, which when comprehended and used correctly can be our friend and ally. When not comprehended and when not used correctly, the mind can become a great enemy.

The mental blocks to health and happiness are often found in the hidden Subconscious Mind. Hypnotherapy bypasses the Conscious Mind and works directly with the Subconscious Mind. Working to release these blocks using a combination of Hypnotherapy and taking action to change, is one of the fastest ways to restore emotional and physical health. Are you aware that physical disease always starts in a disturbed mind, one that is disrupted by unbalanced emotions? Many diseases of today are caused by stress, worry and fear. Nevertheless, disease can be assisted towards healing when the mind and emotions have been restored to peace.

For example, a large percentage of people quit smoking after only one session using Hypnotherapy. Their Subconscious mind simply needed reprogramming. Excess Weight will often start to melt away after relaxing into the Weight-Loss sessions. School and University studies improve with the Memory Enhance-ment sessions, and Fears and Phobias are often resolved with the Release Anxiety sessions.

Sexual Performance can also be addressed. Men who suffer from mental blocks that cause Premature Ejaculation or Impotence often find that just one session that targets these issues will release the cause of the problem. Women who find that they are non-orgasmic or cannot open to Love find that their fears are released with Hypnotherapy.

Many fears that don't dissipate through the usual attempts to clear them are often caused by negative spiritual entities. When a patient is put into trance state via Hypnotherapy, he or she often reports that they can actually see their tormentor. As soon as these spiritual gremlins are sent back to the Light (which is where they originally came from before they fell to the Dark), the patient's problems clear up overnight.

Growth and healing is always a progressive journey, and Hypnotherapy is a very successful means by which people have moved forward in their lives.

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